D.I.Y Craf & Experiment
Dyed Colour Flower Experiment

Many florists sell coloured carnations but it is more fun to make your own! And you can learn a little something about plants in the process. Best of all, you can make the flowers just about any colour you want.

Decide what colours you would like the flowers to be and then add that colour to you glass.

You will need to add enough food colouring to create a strong colour in the water, just a few drops of colouring will not have much of an effect.

Snip the last centimetre of your carnation stem and place it in the coloured water. Now just wait.

Over the next day, you will see signs of the colouring emerge in the petals, and even in the leaves. Some experiments have shown that sometimes the colour emerges within a few hours, other times it takes a day or two.

Photo source: Kiwicrate

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