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Mini Trampoline

Have you ever seen a magic trick where someone yanks the tablecloth off a table, and all the dishes and silverware stay in place? Well, it's not magic - it actually happens because of inertia! Inertia is a physical property of all objects. Because of inertia, a thing will stay at rest (or keep moving how it's moving) unless it's pushed or pulled by something else. Otherwise, it's stay put, like all the dishes and silverware on the table.

This slow-motion demonstration has way less potential for a plate-breaking mess and it's an amazing way to see inertia in action. Try it out!


Material needed:

- crate box

- dowels (4)

- rubber bands (4)

- pantyhose

- scissors

- sequins

- golf ball

- smartphone

Gather your materials.

Cut the legs off of a pair of pantyhose, then stretch the remaining piece into a rectangle about the size of the crate box.

Stick a dowel into each corner of the crate box.

Push a rubber band about 2 inches down onto each dowel.

Stretch each corner of the pantyhose to a dowel and double knot it.

Place some sequins in the center of the trampoline.

Have a friend or parent point the smartphone at the trampoline and set the camera app to slow motion mode. Start recording, then drop the golf ball in the center!

Sources and Images: http://www.kiwico.com/diy/

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